Thursday, September 20, 2012

International Coastal Clean Up! Sept. 15, 2012, Kahului Harbor

Saturday September 15, 2012 was the International Coastal Clean Up Day!

A worldwide (for lack of better words) revolution where clubs, organizations and individuals around the world get together to clean up their beaches.

A group that I usually hang out with went to Kahekili Beach Park in Lahaina, Maui; However, I had to work in the morning, so I missed participating with them.

Instead, after I  finished work, I went down to Kahului Harbor to the portion I call Section 1, to collect marine debris!

I had started at 11:55 am.

The wave action in Section 1 is much more calmer compared to Section 2. There was a slight overcast and I could see the rain clouds hovering over parts of Haleakala mountain. My Iphone said that the days temperature was 81 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind was a nice, calm breeze.

I finished my beach clean up at 3:20 pm and at the end I ended up with about 120 lbs of trash!
I had 3 trash bags full, 2 more plastic bags that I had found on the coast line was filled, plus my plastic trash bin.

There was also a metal drawer, two large slabs of plywood, ropes, nets, mono filament fishing lines and even a perfectly usable beach chair (which I kept).

It's pretty crazy out there at Kahului Harbor because you never know what you're going to find.

*Click Here* to see my video log of all the trash I had collected on International Coastal Clean Up Day.

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  1. Thanks for your huge effort on Coastal Cleanup Day! We were at Venice Beach in CA and over 110 people collected 160 pounds total in 3 hours so your cleanup is really stunning!

    Keep up the good work!