Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mystery Bones at Kahului Harbor

A couple of weeks ago I found a bone at Kahului Harbor Section 2.
It looked like a turtle beak, but I'm not quite sure. Last time I made a guess about a turtle I was incorrect.
Anyways, here's some pictures:

And my video log of it:
Mystery Bone at Kahului Harbor

The second and third bones I found were discovered just recently! During the International Coastal Clean Up I did at Kahului Harbor Section 1.

Bone 2:

And Bone 3:

Any guesses as to what they belong to?


  1. I have found an almost identical bone while diving in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico about 2 weeks ago. We have both parrots and turtles in the area. I've not seen our parrots have quite so much of a point on the front. I've asked other experienced divers, and a friend has asked marine biologists for me and still no real certainty as to what it belongs to.

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