Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kahului Harbor Clean Up: Week 2; Net Extraction 8/19/2012

Morning all!
Man that was a long weekend.
Joined a gym, school started, saturday night obon with the new Japanese students, trying to keep up with my anime blog.
But! This past Sunday, a few of my friends and I went back out to Kahului Harbor to pull out that giant net that was stuck and buried under the rocks.
I thought I knew what I was getting into, but I totally under estimated the "huge-ness" of that net.

I thought that the smaller portion that I managed to pull out last weekend was separated from the bigger net. WRONG. All of the net in that area was clumped and jumbled together beneath almost 5 feet of rocks and sand.

Thanks to the tools provided by my friend Daniel, my best friend, Lindy and his portuguese thinking and John and his... motivated spirits, we managed to pull out approximately 900 pounds of net!

At first I thought maybe it was only 200 pounds, but Lindy said he knows what 200 pounds feels like, and THAT was no 200 pounds.

We had pretty much spent our entire afternoon and some of our evening digging, pulling, pushing, scraping, yanking and tugging at this net.

I also noticed that some of the net was also illegal. The mesh size was only an inch.

All of this took about 7 hours to dig up and uncover. But we got it out!

pulling up the buried parts

this was the net that was visible from the surface

and this was all the net was was buried under the rocks


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