Monday, August 13, 2012

Kahului Harbor Clean Up Log: Week 1

Greetings Readers!

Sunday August 12, 2012 marks the beginning of my weekly logged adventures to Kahului Harbor. Every Sunday, from 12:00pm to 5:00pm (possibly earlier in the day), I will head to Kahului Harbor to pick up trash and plastic debris which is brought in from the tides.

The amount of plastic debris out there is RIDICULOUS.

Tiny bits of plastic are scattered EVERYWHERE and is even mixed in with the rocks because of the ebb and flow of the tide.

There are bunches and bunches and bunches of nylon rope and nets.

Plastic jugs
Irrigation lines
Plastic piping
Plastic utensils
Medicine bottles
Baby toys
Thin plastics like candy wrappers, bags and ziplocs
Bits of fishing buckets and trash bins

**Click Here**  to see my follow up video log of all the trash I collected on 8/12/12

There is so much plastic out there at Kahului Harbor it is not funny.
People go fishing there and I cringe at the thought of them eating what they catch out at that harbor...
I can just imagine a fisherman cutting open a fish and its body just spills out tiny bits of plastic...

I started my trash picking at Kahului Harbor at Noon and finished at 5:30 pm.

It was very windy. My iphone said the temperature was 84 degrees F. It was sunny with very few clouds throughout the sky. The water was fairly choppy with small white caps. My goal was to fill at least 3 trash bags of debris.

At 5:30pm I had finished up collecting what I could. I reached my expectation of filling 3 trash bags. I had even done more by pulling up at least 200 lbs of nylon rope and net and left it near the roadside for drivers and passer-bys to see.

Hopefully people will notice this and think that maybe there is something down on the shoreline.
I spent about 3 hours collecting actual trash and plastic debris from the shoreline and the other 2 and a half was spent trying to pull out these huge green nets that was just stuck and mixed in with the rocks.

I ended up cutting the smaller one free

but I left the bigger one at the beach.

I plan to return next Sunday (8/19/12) with friends to help me pull this "impossible rope weed" out of the rocks.

**Click Here** to see my video log of Sunday's 8/12/12 clean up

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