Monday, August 13, 2012

Maui's 3 Can Plan

Yeah Maui County!
FINALLY a recycling program is happening!
Starting August 17, 2012, neighborhoods in South Maui will be a part of Phase 1 Curbside Recycling!
We have been issued two new trash cans. A Blue one and a Green one, where select items acceptable for recycling, will be collected by Maui’s Oplala Pickers! (aka, Garbage Men)

The Brown Cart is for rubbish only.

The Blue Cart is used for Mixed Recyclables. Items allowed are:
  • ·         Corrugated cardboard
  • ·         Boxboard (ex; cereal boxes, egg cartons)
  • ·         Juice cartons (ex; Milk cartons, pog cartons etc)
  • ·         Paper bags
  • ·         Newspaper (but no phone books)
  • ·         Junk mail and envelopes
  • ·         Magazines
  • ·         Office Paper
  • ·         #1 Plastic bottles (ketchup, shoyu and soda bottles)
  • ·         #2 Plastic bottles (pog jugs, laundry soap jugs, medicine bottles etc)
  • ·         #1 and #2 Containers (plastic bento containers, jamba juice cups, strawberry and tofu containers)
  • ·         Dairy Tubs and Lids (sour cream containers, poi containers)
  • ·         Beverage Cans (regular Hi5 aluminum cans)
  • ·         Food cans (ex; spam, pineapple, dog food cans)
  • ·         Aluminum Foil and Trays

However, NO METAL and NO GLASS items are allowed to be recycled for they contaminate the other materials. (Glass shards and rust I suppose)
No PLASTIC BAGS are allowed in this cart either and all beverage and food residue must be rinsed out.

The Green Cart is used for Greenwaste. Item allowed are:

  • ·         Leaves and Grass Clippings
  • ·         Tree, hedge and Palm Fronds
  • ·         Flowers and House Plants
  • ·         Twigs, Branches and Christmas trees (They must be cut to fit in the cart)
  • ·         Fibrous Vegetable and Fruit Peels, Rinds, Skins, Seeds and Pits
  • ·         Pineapple Tops and Corn cobs
  • ·         Coffee Grinds, Filters and Tea bags

Again, however, NO PLASTIC BAGS in this cart.
Branches and twigs must be cut shorter than 3 feet and you cannot overfill the cart.
Lumber is not allowed in this cart either, along with rocks, dirt and gravel, eggs and egg shells, meat, fish lard, oils, pet waste, napkins, paper plates, bones and biodegradable food containers.

All of the greenwaste goes to Maui EKO Compost.

The lids must be able to fully close otherwise they won’t be picked up.
Every home that has received these carts must take part in recycling, but the good thing is, is that they provided these two carts with no extra charge.
I am absolutely THRILLED that this plan is in motion.
I freaking love recycling and this plan makes me feel so much more better now that other people (you know, besides little ol’ me) will be taking part in recycling!

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