Friday, February 17, 2012

Advanced Open Water "Scuba-fication"

Hey everyone,
I really need to get this blogging thing on a more consistent pace again.
So! A lots has happened in the past month.
I was Open Water Scuba Certified, or what I like to call, "Scuba-fied" and yesterday, I had completed my boat dive and deep dive for my Advanced Open Water!
It was so amazing.
For our deep dive, my partner, my instructor and myself went out to Molokini with the Maui Dive Shops boat the Makakoa.
We jumped off the boat and into the water and went down to 100ft!
And the first sea creature my instructor, Wayne, took us to see were two white tip sharks sleeping in this little cave~
They reminded me of cats! Sleeping all day and staying up all night.
We did our little puzzle thing we had to do underwater, then he took us around Molokini!
Varieties of fish, I saw my first flatworm, there were garden eels, peanut eels, those two white tips, butterflyfish, pufferfish (which are my favorite), so many things down there!

After our deep dive, we headed over to another dive spot called 5 Caves. Other people know it as 7 Graves or Turtle Town. (poh-tay-toe; poh-tah-toe)
We went down to about 40 ft here. And again... SO MANY THINGS TO DORK OUT ON.

We went through a couple of caves, where we saw this HUGE turtle sleeping in one of them.
This turtle was at LEAST 6 ft long and 3 or 4 ft thick... BIG.

One of the over hangs we went through, Wayne called the Toilet Bowl, legit "flushes" you through it. I thought I was going to get swept away by the current.

Towards the end of our dive, Wayne managed to find this HUGE sponge crab, he just grabbed it out of this little hole in the reef and showed it to us.
I'd done a report on sponge crabs, but I'd never actually saw one. So I was super stoked. They remind me of sumo wrestlers~

After our dives were done, we were heading back to Maalaea Harbor, when we came across a group of whales!

The Captain of the Makakoa was very good with keeping his distance and letting the whales go their way. And then the most amazing thing happened!
A baby whale was practicing it's breaching and spy hopping right in front of us! It was so awesome to see.
(I was able to record it on my phone, but it recorded sideways, so it's difficult to watch).

Then, sadly, our trip was over...

But now! I'm off to Maui Dive Shop to go get some gear!
They have their old rental gear for sale, so that's where I come in!

And below are some pictures of the baby breaching!
Such an amazing day on Maui~

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