Monday, October 17, 2011

CPR and First Aid certified!

Just a little quickie post!
This past Friday was pretty interesting!
I got CPR and First Aid certified at Maui CPR!
I was super nervous because I wasn’t sure how the class was going to be...
Were there going to be a lot of people? Was the instructor going to be some sarcastic jerk teacher?
NO! The class I signed up for was so pleasant. It was only me, one other student and the instructor whose name is Matt.

I could go on and on about exactly what I learned in the class, but instead you should go and check it out yourself!
To me, the class is a bit expensive, but I guess it’s what one has to do to get their certification!
In the end I thought it was worth it. I felt a sense of accomplishment and new found knowledge.
Matt was a great teacher. Very easy to work with and a very kind personality.
I encourage you Mauians to go check it out!

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