Friday, May 6, 2011

Quickie on Radiation

I know since my last blog post i promised i was going to have more posts up...
But i didn't know what to post about first!
So I'll post a bit about the radiation coming from Japan first.
I feel so bad because people over there are panicking!
They don't really trust their own government when they say not to worry about the scale of the leak. Much of Japans people are hoarding supplies. Especially face masks.
The Nuclear Power plant, Fukushima Daiichi, was ruptured, and was releasing radioactive steam. It's cooling functions were damaged because of several explosions, 3 plants were damaged and the fuel melted and lost power.
Once the power was cut, their went their ability to cool the fuel pool. The fuel pool went up in flames and a large amount of radiation was released into the sky.
Radiation has already hit Tokyo. So it's no wonder why the Japanese are so scared.
I don't think I would trust my government either... They can't stop radiation.

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