Monday, May 9, 2011

Japan Earthequake: Where everything is happening

Everyone has heard about Japan's great earthquake and tsunami that hit on Mar. 11, 2011.
You hear about how Sendai was the epicenter of the earthquake and that the Fukushima Nuclear plants are leaking radiation.
But I've found out that a lot of people don't know exactly WHERE on the globe everything is happening.
So I did some searching and thanks to I found a great map that has everything color coded and marked.

You can click on the picture to make it bigger and read the names of the places.
I'd also like to send out my love towards Japan. It's always been my dream to visit there one day and I wish there was more people like me could do. I do my best to support Great Japan by going to functions, or buying items for school clubs that will send the profits to the Red Cross. I just wish there was more I, my self could do, as an individual.
I would love to PHYSICALLY go over there and help clean up and stuff... But eh... We just do our best and support them from afar.
がんばれ みなさま!

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