Friday, March 18, 2011

Long time no blog!

Jeezum crow I haven't entered anything new in a LONG time!
I promise this weekend your gonna get hit with at LEAST 8 to 10 new blog posts!
I've been writing everything down in this handy little notebook of mine and soon it shall be on my blog!
So manye crazy things have passed:
Kihei got flooded from the rainstorm. Beaches are either getting cleaned up or polluted. The 8.9m earthquake that shifted Japan and the tsunami that followed it causing so many people to lose lives and lifestyles...
So many things happening in the world. At least people have been trying to help.
There are tsunami relief events happening around the islands AND the world.
There are beach clean ups that help a bunch. And Maui even had a small tsunami of there own! Very very small of course. THANKFULLY no horrible destructive damage.
(Maui better count their blessings)

There are so many things I want to blog about I'm not sure where to start!

So I think I shall start with the most recent events.
The effects of the tsunami.
I'm sure everyone by now has heard about the 8.9m earthquake and the tsunami that hit minutes later.
Japan of course was hit the worse.
Here in Maui we only felt a tickle of what happened to Japan.
The water from the Kahului harbor surged in land about 1/4 of a mile! It reached all the way up to the Kahului Post Office! Thankfully it was a giant wave or anything like that. Just a small surge of water.
A friend of mine took pictures of the morning after.

Crazy right?

I live out in Kihei, way down south side, and I wish I had stayed there!
Then I could have taken some awesome pictures and footage about what was going on there!
But, I have two younger siblings and a worry wart mother, so we all packed up the important things and headed upcountry to Haiku to be safe.
That was a pretty crazy night too! I've never SEEN so many cars packed on the road. Probably half the town of Kahului, and the Na Wai Eha districts were scrambling to get upcountry.

(This picture was taken by my sister since I was driving. At the Northern part of Kihei right outside the Tesoro gas station. People were either scrambling to get out or scrambling to get gas)

This next picture is of the line of cars heading up Haleakala hwy to get upcountry. It was like a giant red snake made of lights twisting and turning up to the north.

That entire night I couldn't sleep much because I was so antsy to watch the news.
Clips from the earthquake, video of the oil refinery that BLEW up, footage of the water that surged inland (I believe it was 6 miles inland). And that water had buildings and trash and things from the street floating in it. AND it was on fire! So sad... It was a crazy day for Japan and a crazy night for the islands.

Some people didn't have time to get their boats out to sea to ride out the waves, so a lot of boat owners were hit too.

(This picture is from the Maui News)
And the next morning out in Kihei, the water was STILL receding so some people were scared that there was going to be a HUGE wave coming to hit south side. But again, thankfully it didn't. It was just a small surge.
(This picture is of the Ko'ie'ie fishpond in Kihei, when the water was still receding)

The next two pictures are of Kalama Park in Kihei, where the surge of water floofed the parking lot for a while. And some boats at Maalaea that didn't make it out to safer water to ride out the surge.

This link shows a video of the Kihei cove taken by a local of the receding water and the small surge that rushed in afterwards. It’s actually really amazing since I only ever saw the cove like this once before.

This next link shows a video of Japan. Someone either crazy or stupid or brave, was able to catch footage of the water rushing in through the town. Wiping away boats and cars and even taking a building.

That night was so crazy. I’m not even sure what else I should write about.
So I guess I’ll end it with a Good Luck to everyone. There are still lots more trials left to come.
I’ll be blogging about the radiation factor next.

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