Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lipoa Beach Walk: TRASH FINDINGS

After Maui had that big rain, we've still been feeling the after effects. The water at Lipoa was even more brown than usual and there was drift wood all over the entrance with bits of trash, or shells.
When I was at Lipoa again this morning. I decided to pick up what ever little trash I could along the way.
And here's what I found:

This is the a piece of those big black fiber tarps that construction people use to block out the dust from going out to the road.
I suspect that this piece probably came from the construction site next door to Lokelani Intermediate, since that is where the nearest construction site is. And especially since we had that huge rain storm, i can only imagine how much construction material was probably washed away.

The black piece is probably part of the rim of a pie container. The yellow must be from the bottom of a cup and that plastic bit is from gaming merchandise.

A flower from a fake lei. A piece of plastic cup and a broken plastic spoon.

Monofilament line (fishing line). The orange strip is actually a piece of plastic wire that landscapers use for weed eaters

That white thing was just a sheet of plastic. The clear things on the right is the plastic from the gum wrappers and the other two are the top and bottom of some food container. Probably from something you can get at a Minit Stop.

Mechanics should recognize this. It's a fan belt!

Strips of tape.

An on the go coffee lid. Something you can get from the gas station.

The wrapper from a Starbucks bottle.

From Jack n the Box and Robitussin.

Bottle cap from a Sobe Life water bottle.

Everything together. Also had some bits of cloth and bits of plastic, plastic and more plastic...

And the black stuff was the fiber tarps construction sites use and there was also what looked like stuffing! The kind of stuffing you put into mattresses or pillows.
Wonderful isn't it?

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