Thursday, January 27, 2011

MOP Project week 1: Seaweed collection!

So for the past week I've been collecting Hypnea musciformis for my school project.
Ultimately, I want to make awesome compost and fertilizer out of it.
On Monday (1/24/11) from 6am to 7am, Wednesday (1/26/11) 6:30am to 7:30am and this morning from 7:30am to 9:00am I was down at Lipoa in Kihei collecting seaweed.
In my proposal it says it says that I will collect 417 lbs of Hypnea, but since I don't have the space yet at my house I only collected 183 lbs this week.
I took out about 16 lbs and put the seaweed into a blue bucket and rinsed off all the seawater that was sitting on it.

I tried to collect JUST the Hypnea. But because of the big rain we had, it got REALLY jumbled up with a lot of the other seaweeds. I took off what I could but mostly just took buches of whatever seaweed that had too much Hypnea smothering it.

I used this big sheet pan I found under my house to use as a board to rinse the limu.

Then I just spread all the rinsed limu over my ti leaf garden.
I'm going to be watching it to see if it'll help the ti grow faster. Or opposite. Ehehehe...

(Before the limu spread)

(After the limu spread)

Then I drenched my little garden to dilute any left over salt that i didn't rinse off before.
I also spread the limu over my Awapuhi, gardenia and plumeria tree.

(but my camera died before I could take the after picture. I'll be sure to get it up later)

Now we wait! I'm going to be getting more bags so i can spread the limu out better and flip them easier instead of in a bulky plastic bin.
Wish me luck!

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