Wednesday, December 12, 2012

County Council's First Reading on the Maui Island Plan; Olowalu Town Project is Passed

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Good morning everyone.
This web log post is a recap of Monday (Dec. 10, 2012) about what happened at the Maui County Council Chambers.

I got to the Council Chambers around 8:15 am that morning and right after I got to the 8th floor, the cavalry started to pour in. Testifiers who were (and are still) against the Olowalu Town being developed came in with big posters and signs saying things like "No Olowalu", "Save our Coral Reefs".

You could feel the camaraderie amongst the testifiers as they started to banded together and discussed what might become of Maui.

Testifiers who were for the Olowalu Town, of course, also came to see what would happen with the Maui Island Plan and what would become of the Olowalu Town Project.

The people started to find seats as the enter the Chamber. Protesters with their signs stood up against the back of the room, holding their posters up so that everyone could see.

I sat down for the beginning part of the meeting as the council members went through their introductions as to who was present in the room.

They spoke of other parts of the Maui Island Plan, but the only part I was waiting for was what was going to become of the Olowalu Town Project.

I stood up and waited as Council Member Elle Cochran of West Maui made the motion to delete the Olowalu Town Plan from the Maui Island Plan.

I stood in the back clasping my hands together hoping that this motion would be passed. Hoping that the Council Members opened their eyes and ears to the testifiers that begged and pleaded not to pass the Olowalu Town Project.

I stood in the back and cried as the motion to delete the Olowalu Town Project FAILED.
The town WILL be built.

Council Member Elle Cochran seems to be the only one among all the Council Members that truly understands that Olowalu is a special place and that there should be NO development there.

Knowing that her motion might not have passed she made a second motion.
This motion was to delete the makai lands of Olowalu Town Project.

Thankfully, this motion WAS passed.
Although this Olowalu Town will be built in the future at least the lands nearest the ocean will not be built upon.

There are so many reason why there should be NO DEVELOPMENT in Olowalu.
A follow up web log will be posted soon.

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