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Olowalu Testimony at the Maui Council Chambers; A Plea to the People of Maui

Yesterday (Nov. 27, 2012) at 200 South High Street Wailuku, Maui; I had a unique opportunity to present my testimony before the Maui County Council.

My presentation was extremely different compared to the other 54 testifiers who were there. I had actually created a rap! I wanted to grab the Council's attention; And with the feed back I received from other audience members, I'm hopeful that my words were heard.

(To watch a video I created with the lyrics I thought of, you can view it on my youtube channel or by *CLICKING HERE*)

 County Council members, what's going on? I voted for you all now everythings gone wrong.
Maui's got a population problem can't you tell?
Now you wanna add a new town? What the hell?

Studies have been done on Olowalu reef, construction on that seawall has already caused so much grief.
Can't you see the kupuna corals? They're all dyin' and this "minimizing impact" crap? I ain't buyin'

The studies have been done and the evidence is right there, yet you continue on without a care.
How much more water will you need to redirect? If you ask me, you guys got no respect.

Maui's crying out in pain, can't you hear it? The screams they get so loud, it makes my ears split.
When's the last time you swam in that sea? Oh, wait let me guess? It's dirty.

Mr. Frampton, Mr. Ward I bet you guys are nice, but building this town has too high a price.
There's too many people in our little Maui County, and they first need to learn about responsibility.

Do we have to sell the land General Plan Committee? Can't we just let the land rest and just let it be?
I feel so scared for Olowalu and Mr. Fujii. That general store holds so much history.

4,000 jobs will be created through this project, but those are only temporary, don't forget.
I've tried to get my genereation in on this event, but most of them are saying that they're just incontent.

Since you never listen, a lot of them don't give a ____. Do you hear what I'm saying council? They're giving up.
Giving up on you and your decision making. Always selling the land and always developing.

We want the land to be preserved, why can't you let it be? We don't wanna be like Oahu, this is Maui.
Our island waters are being completely ignored, not only by most of its people, but even most of the board.

Why can't we leave the land alone and let it be? Focus on all the other problems people see.
Is there corruption in the system? There's a pain in my heart. And right now council, you're all taking part.

It's simple, all you have to do is decline. You'll be known as heroes in the paper next time.
And I'm sorry if this rhyme makes me seem out of line, I need to get my point across with only 4 minutes time.

Olowalu residents, don't you know? Those reefs are your protectors, not just for show.
They're a delicate system and easy to maintain. You just have to remember, it's also their domain.

There's so many people in here trying to show you, the waters are in danger, so what will you you do?
Pay attention; this next part might seem kind of long, so I wrote the lyrics out for the next part of the song.

The population, Over fishing, Corals dying, Sedimentation, Plastic debris, Water scarcity, Pollution, People lying, Education, Invasive species, Corruption, Waste put out, Money, Tourism; Are you hearing what I shout?

Wake up Maui, we need to come together. Man up! Fix things we have now to make it better.
Please don't misunderstand, I'm not angry just sad. This so called "family town", feels so bad.

We need to rely on outsiders to fix our troubles? We're already hurting ourselves by ignoring our corals.
They're such a huge part of our islands community. I hope you can understand and just let it be.

Plan says you want to promote small shops and services?
So more competition for struggling businesses?
"Preserving Maui County's natural beauty and resources"
Is what Mayor Alan said at the State of the County Adresses.

Now you want to sell the land, to Frampton and Ward?
They're playing you all, just like a chess board.

If they really understood how important those corals are, I wouldn't be here in front of you spittin' bar after bar.

Listen up everyone, I'm calling you out! Understand the meaning behind these lyrics that I shout!
To all the local people, you guys should understand. Your guardians are out there, protecting this land!
Sharks, Manta rays, even corals and fish, they're your aumakua, or did you forget that shit?!
Protect them because they're always protecting you. Please understand, they need your protecting too.

There's more I want to say to save our coral reefs, but the council only allows us 4 minutes each.
If I found out later that this plan has been accepted, I'm sorry Maui I've failed and nobody has listened.

(I "performed" my testimony accompanied by a beat provided by a fellow youtuber.)

I stood up for the entire four hours of the testimony and listened to the other 54 testifiers who went up and said their pieces. Many were against the Olowalu Town project and have evidence that building this town can GREATLY impact Maui in a negative way. Others were for the town saying that they have the infrastructure and that they need affordable housing.

It was my first time inside this particular room and my first time giving testimony as well. So I snapped a few picture with a digi camera I recently picked up:

All our County Council Members

Mayor Alan Arakawa (the biggest picture) along with other people I assume work for the county

My first time in this room giving a testimony

Dave Ward (in the black pants/one of the developers) waiting in the back

One of my teachers also went up to speak against the town project

Danny Mateo sat in the front during this testimony session
I really hope that this Olowalu Town Project is NOT passed. What a lot of people don't know is that the Olowalu corals are also known as the "Seed Corals" meaning they propagate and distribute more coral for others reefs. Not just on Maui, but other islands as well.

So if those corals are smothered by sedimentation that WILL be produced from construction of Olowalu town, ALL of the corals will be affected. They will then die off very quickly because of sedimentation. (And if the town is completed, other factors like run-off, storm drain run-off, sewage etc. will run down the mountain, to the sea and KILL the coral reefs).

Fish, sharks and other marine life will no longer have protection/nurseries/food etc. after the corals die and they too will die.

Fishermen and free divers will no longer be able to fish since all the fish will have died off from either lack of protection or starvation.

Tourists boats will no longer have a reef to show to their tourists who come to see the reefs.
(Tourism is a HUGE part of Maui)

Surfers, paddle boarders, sponge boarders and body boarders will no longer have clean ocean waters to surf in.

Maui will lose its first line of defense (the coral reefs) when a tsunami hits.

And everything will pretty much DIE.

Frampton and Ward claim to have studies done on techniques that will "minimize impact" on the coral reefs.

However, NO ONE has actually seen these studies. Also, just... How about NO impact to the coral reefs. How about just DO NOT build the town AT ALL.

Frampton and Ward say that there will be "affordable housing" available when the town is built. BUT, how many times were Maui residents promised "affordable housing" and never got it? Too many times.

Maui is already going through a drought and if this Olowalu town is to be built, MORE water will need to be REDIRECTED in order to fulfill the water needs construction AND the new town will want.


Please. Please do not let the Council pass this "Sustainable Olowalu Town". There is NOTHING sustainable about it.

The following are ways you can contact your Council Members to tell them:

GLADYS BAISAKalana O Maui Building
200 South High St.
Eighth Floor
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793

Ph : (808) 270-5501
Fax: (808) 270-5502

Residency Area:


ROBERT CARROLLKalana O Maui Building
200 South High St.
Eighth Floor
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793

Ph : (808) 270-7246
Fax: (808) 270-7247

Residency Area:

East Maui

ELLE COCHRANKalana O Maui Building
200 South High St.
Eighth Floor
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793

Ph : (808) 270-5504
Fax: (808) 270-5505

Residency Area:

West Maui

DONALD COUCHKalana O Maui Building
200 South High St.
Eighth Floor
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793

Ph : (808) 270-7108
Fax: (808) 270-7119

Residency Area:

South Maui

RIKI HOKAMAKalana O Maui Building
200 South High St.
Seventh Floor
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793

Ph: (808) 270-7768
Fax: (808) 270-7848

Residency Area:


DANNY MATEOKalana O Maui Building
200 South High Street
Seventh Floor
Wailuku, Hawaii  96793

Ph :  (808) 270-7678

Fax:  (808) 270-7717

Residency Area:  Molokai

JOE PONTANILLAKalana O Maui Building
200 South High St.
Eighth Floor
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793

Ph : (808) 270-5501
Fax: (808) 270-5502

Residency Area:


MICHAEL VICTORINO Kalana O Maui Building
200 South High St.
Eighth Floor
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793

Ph : (808) 270-7760
Fax: (808) 270-7639

Residency Area:

Wailuku, Waihee, Waikapu


Kalana O Maui Building
200 South High St.
Eighth Floor
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793

Ph : (808) 270-5507
Fax: (808) 270-5508

Residency Area:
Makawao, Haiku, Paia

Please Maui Residents. Do not let this Olowalu Town Project be passed.
YOU WILL BE AFFECTED by this Olowalu Town in a very NEGATIVE way if it goes through.
I do not understand why it is Olowalu that the developers have chosen, but a big, new town cannot be built in Olowalu.

There is FAR TOO MUCH at stake and Frampton and Ward only have "evidence" (evidence that no one has seen) and promises backing up their claims.

So many people are on the wrong side of this project and it frustrates me!

PLEASE MAUI! I really need your help!


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