Wednesday, March 14, 2012 for Creative Recycling Ideas~

I just recently joined this site called in hopes that it could help broaden my view of the internet. When you join the site, it comes to a page where you can click on things that interest you. Dance, Art, Games, Music, Health. There's a bunch more, so I'm going to name them all.
I clicked on the things that interested me, then clicked the stumble button at the top left and commenced my stumbling!
I can't remember exactly what the first page was that I stumbled upon, but I remember seeing an EPIC treehouse, tried out this one game where you had to type to shoot your enemies, came across some WICKED life sketches. really has a LOT to stumble upon!
Afterward, my blogger brain kicked in, so I decided to specify my search and I typed in "recycling" in the search bar.
Let's just say, this was a BRILLIANT IDEA. xD
I came across so many different ways to recycle plastic bottles, or tin cans.
I snipped a few pictures to add:

This first one was my favorite. Those little plastic tabs that hold bread bags closed. I could never really think of a way to reuse those. But here's an idea I stumbled upon!

Instead of buying MORE swifer towels that just add on to true trash;

I usually put my empty toilet paper rolls in my recycle bin, but if you want;

There was an idea to turn scratched CDs into roof shingles!
(WTH? SERIOUSLY? I loved this idea)

There was an article on how recycling cars was one of the best things to do.

I came across another blog where it had a little entry on how you could reuse egg cartons as little pots for your gardening.

One of the best things I stumbled upon was the largest scrap metal steampunk sculpture in the world. (I love the steampunk fashion, and a lot of it uses recycled items. YAY!)

I had a field day with stumbling upon different ways to reuse different items, videos on how different countries or cities sort their trash, articles on plastic bottles and plastic bags, pictures and photos of art made from trash.

There was SO MANY cool things to come across on this site.
If you're looking for new ways to reuse and recycle, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND signing up on and search "recycling". Best part is that it's FREE!

And now, I shall end this blog entry with a cute cat picture and how his owner recycled a Mac computer~

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