Wednesday, December 8, 2010

MOC blog adventure 2: Cone snail hunting

So yesterday when I went to the ocean center, the care takers had put turbine snails in with the cone snail.
I sat there in front of the cone snail tank for a good 25 minutes waiting for it to attack the turbines with its proboscis and eat it.
I was so anxious!
As I sat there, I practically cheered the snail on saying "Go go go! Get it! Come on! Almost there!"
but I swear that snail must be a picky eater. He went around his little tank twice with its siphon out hunting for his prey and he passed right by the turbine snails... TWICE!
His shell even touched the turbine snails shell and he didn't even turn to shoot it.
I was so excited!
His siphon was fully erected, his proboscis was visible and I swear I could see the tip of his harpoon! He was right there, looking like he was ready to attack!
nothing... He just cruised right passed.
Such a picky eater that cone snail.

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