Monday, March 4, 2013

Stuck on the Olowalu Town Project; Whispers, Rumors... Truth?

I'm stuck everyone. Just stuck.

It's been 50 days since the last time I spoke with Mr. Bill Frampton of the Olowalu Town Project and gave him a list of questions he said he would be able to answer. I told him all I wanted was the truth and I gave him the benefit of the doubt since a lot of people thought he was the "big bad developer" who basically wanted to screw over Olowalu for a large town that cannot be put there.

But it's been 50 days everyone. 50 days since our meeting.

I've sent e-mails to Mr. Frampton on multiple occasions and tried calling, but it all seems for naught.

I saw him on the 30th of January at a meeting NOAA was having concerning corals and the need to list them as endangered. I SAW Mr. Frampton at this meeting, spoke to him and reminded him about the questions I had given to him. He said he would talk to Mr. Ward concerning my list of questions and the interview I had wanted to do with both of them so everyone could see their faces on camera and see the sincerity I saw.

At least, the sincerity I THOUGHT I saw.

However, I'm starting to feel like there was a snake in the grass...

I've talked around to some people from all over Maui who know a little about the Olowalu Town Project and I have heard some very disturbing rumors. Many of which revolve around certain Maui County Council members being "very good friends" with Frampton and Ward...

Now these are only rumors and I'm trying not to believe them, but with everything that has happened, I'm starting to think that some of them are true. But I'm unable to dispel them because I have not been able to talk with Mr. Frampton.

It's very frustrating for me.

The sad part is, I still don't know the truth. And I think that's what Maui deserves.
Not jobs, not more housing, not another shopping mall.

The truth.

What's happening to our island Maui?

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