Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Walk to Kahului Harbor Turns into an Interesting (and nasty) Adventure: The Remains of a Dead Hawksbills Turtle

Hello Readers!

As the title says, I found a very mangled and very DEAD turtle at Kahului Harbor today.
I was walking along the coast line looking for parts that I could use.

Kahului Harbor has a LOT of junk/trash that washes up on the "beach" from God knows where. (This place is also at the top of my list of beach clean ups).

So I was walking along when I came across what I thought was whale intestines!
It was just a heaping hunk of flesh just washed up on the shore. There was no shell, so I couldn't tell it was a turtle at first.

As I got closer, I could just barely make out it front right flipper. I didn't have my video camera on me, but I did have my phone. The following video is my raw footage of the turtle find:

**WARNING** The video is pretty gross. If you have a weak stomach, DON'T watch it. 

So there. As you saw, I believe it was about a 4 foot long and 3 foot wide hawksbill turtle due to that little scrap of shell I found next to it.
It had no back flippers, you could see the bones poking out of its back and there was some kind of cord wrapped around the flippers and its head, therefore strangling it...

Also, upon CLOSER inspection, I think this turtle might have had Fibropapilloma (the closest way for me to describe this is "turtle herpes")

That huge ball/bulge substance where its head was supposed to be? I think that was just a huge tumor of FP.
After watching the video over again, I could finally see its head. Underneath that huge bulge of flesh.

The following are more detailed pictures of the dead hawksbill.

AGAIN, they're pretty graphic, so turn back now if you've had enough.

In the fifth picture, that's where you can really see (what I think is) the tumor and its head right below it.
[Click the pictures to enlarge it]

Sad right? But alas, it happens.
These next pictures show just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to how much JUNK/TRASH wash up on this coast line:

Thanks so much for reading! BlueMenpachi signing off~

(Because of this adventure, I've started a video log on youtube! So not only will i be posting web log entries, I will be posting video log entries as well!)

***CLICK HERE*** to watch my very first video log!)

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